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As President of the Afghan Taekwondo Federation I am pleased to endorse this publication of the english taekwondo website and extend my heart-felt feeling to all Taekwondo members and supporters, both in Afghanistan and around the world.

The perpose of publishing this website is to help all Afghan practitioners in the country and worldwide to communicate and worktogther for new sporting Afghanistan.

The Afghan Taekwondo Federation was founded by Master M. Yousuf Dildar and Master Usman Dildar in 1990 and was recognised by the world Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in 1993. ATF has officially participated in many International events and world games such as 1994 Asian Games Japan, Un Yong Kim Cup UK 1997, 15th Asian Taekwondo Championship Aman Jodon April 2002, and will be participating in the up coming 2002 Asian Games Korea and 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

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